Latin American Academy

Sustainable Business Development

The Latin American Academy held in Lima in April underlined the importance of social dialogue between tripartite partners in 17 countries in contributing to the generation of strategies favouring the development of sustainable businesses

The creation of an environment that allows sustainable business to flourish is a priority strategy in the generation of more and better jobs that allow progress to be made in the fight against the informal job market in Latin America and the Caribbean.

According to a report issued by the ILO Regional Office, there are more than 58 million people with businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean (some 48 million of which are one-person enterprises) whose activities generate 79 per cent of the available jobs. These are the production units where the greatest prevalence of informal employment tends to be found.

The Academy, organized by the ILO in collaboration with the Centre, became a space for dialogue and reflection on the following themes:

  • the need for good governance,
  • legal security,
  • worker education and training,
  • clear rules on operation and competition,
  • the development of technology and infrastructures, and
  • respect for labour rights,

as well as a tool for creating formulas to promote sustainable business development.

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