Macro vs micro

The Centre has recently organized the first training activity for the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of the Guangdong Province of the People’s Republic of China.

The training programme “Strengthening the Capacity of Labour and Social Security Administration”, which was run from 29 August to 8 September 2016 in Turin, was designed for 18 middle-level and senior managers dealing with labour administration, labour inspection or social security issues.

Although the Centre had already organized many training activities for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (MOHRSS) at the central level, this was the first training programme tailored to a Province. The topics included: labour administration, labour inspection, fundamental principles and rights at work, social security and social dialogue. The methodology used included presentations held by international experts, discussions, exercises and group work.

During the two weeks in Turin, the participants had an insight into these subjects and were exposed to the best practices from selected European countries. The study visits to government departments in Italy (Interregional Directorate of Labour in Milan, Provincial Directorate of Labour in Turin and the Metropolitan Office of the National Institute of Social Security in Turin) allowed participants to learn about the main policies and good practices relating to the Italian system of labour inspection and social security.


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