Masculinity study contributes to the prevention of sexual harassment in the workplace

On 24 May at the Centre, Mr José Manuel Salas Calvo presented a study on sexual harassment in the workplace. This was based on focus groups and interviews with more than 400 men in the region and delivered as part of a training course for Latin American labour inspectors.

The presentation used an innovative approach, i.e., a gender-sensitive masculine perspective, to highlight information on psychological and cultural factors that lead to sexual harassment in the workplace and that need to be addressed to prevent the problem.

Sexual harassment affects a significant number of workers in all countries throughout the world and occurs in different work environments, but women account for the greater percentage of cases as victims. Sexual harassment at work is therefore considered a form of sex discrimination, a violation of fundamental rights at work and a form of violence against women. The objective of this study was to establish how men understand and represent sexual harassment and use this information as input for the design of communication campaigns and other prevention activities

According to ILO studies, sexual harassment has a significant impact on working conditions, not only of those who suffer it, but also of their colleagues, family, organization and general public (including the state itself). Being aware of men’s viewpoints of this problem becomes of paramount importance, especially for the drafting and implementation of prevention programmes, where factors of masculinity and male sexuality play a major role, together with other aspects, in the genesis and development of sexual harassment.

This was a key consideration when it came to choosing a qualitative methodology for the report, which can be downloaded here: http://www.ilo.org/sanjose/programas-y-proyectos/verificación-implementación-libro-blanco/WCMS_210223/lang--es/index.htm

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