The Turin School of Development now speaks French

The first master's at the Turin School of Development offered in French started on Monday 4 November.

This master’s course, jointly organised by the Turin Centre, the École des hautes études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po) and the University of Turin, focuses on public governance and procurement management.

This master’s is unique as it borrows from the fields of knowledge of the law, economy, project management and sustainable development. It is also set up to reconcile adult training approaches with those in academic training; it takes place in a "hybrid" manner over one year and is split into three stages: two are carried out as distance learning followed by a residential course in Turin which will start in March 2014 and end in July 2014. This andragogical approach consequently allows professionals from all around the world to take part in the programme without having to give up their professional or family obligations for too long.

The first stage of distance training lasting four months started a few days ago. No less than 26 students of 12 different nationalities have been selected by the scientific council for the master’s based on objective criteria such as geographic representation, gender, professional experience, academic qualifications and professional situation.

After more than one year of work and thanks to financial support from partners at the Turin School of Development, this master’s has been successfully added to the eight existing master’s but with the specificity of being one offered in French, managed and supervised by a French-speaking scientific council.

In the name of all partners, we wish full success to this first course!


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