Master Training on Effective Business Member Organization

Open participation in the “Master Training on Effective Business Member Organization”

Business Member Organizations (BMOs) have never had a more important role to play in representing and supporting their members, and working with national governments to promote competitiveness and employment in challenging economic times.

As a result, honing the skills, knowledge and leadership qualities of those working in business organizations is a major priority.

Schools, universities and training institutions seldom provide the unique mix of knowledge, competence and skills needed for these roles. However, it is the main focus of the Master Training for Effective Business Member Organizations, which takes a comprehensive look at how BMO function.

This second edition of the Master Training follows a successful launch in 2012. The 2013 course is open to participation by direct enrolment at http://lempnet.itcilo.org/en/bmo

The Master Training will offer practical benefits and perspectives to those taking part:

  • focus on building sound foundations for the future through strong management and effective governance;
  • enhance specific skills that can drive your organization  and boost your own career and personal development;
  • include practical tips and quick achievements that can make a difference tomorrow;
  • provide an opportunity to learn from your peers and the innovations and best practices from business organizations across the world;
  • provide practical tools to influence the agenda and ensure that the voice of business resonates in all environments;
  • take stock of current social dialogue dynamics: how can business organizations make a small change through their advocacy work?
  • help you discover new channels and techniques to deliver world-class in-house and external communications;
  • encourage innovation in the services offered to members;


The master programme has two phases:

  • Distance learning: 1 November 2013 – 21 February 2014
  • Face-to-face training workshop at ITC ILO, Turin, Italy: 3 – 7 March 2014


More information on the content, methodology and costs are available on the Master Training website http://lempnet.itcilo.org/en/bmo . The deadline for applications is 25 October 2013.


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