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In close collaboration with the Belgian Technical Cooperation service (BTC), the Centre conducted two week-long training activities on the daily management of training institutions in the participants’ regions.

The workshops took place in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and in Uganda, each involving 50 directors of public and private training institutions, with the attendance of local ILO officials and other donors. These training activities were a follow-up to a successful programme on the same topic held on campus last December.

The objectives were to identify the main features of a constructive TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) environment, and to enhance knowledge and skills in the management of these centres thorough analysis of people’s own situations and measures to improve effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Insisting on the benefits of triangular collaboration, the workshops drew on expertise from the Brazilian Service for Industrial Apprenticeship (SENAI), in the Occupied Palestinian territory, and from the Namibian National Training Fund (NTF), in Uganda, as well as other available sources.

The Flemish Public Employment and Vocational Training Service (VDAB) provided inputs on various topics at both events. Time set aside for sharing experience led to constructive discussions, including case studies of successful national projects.


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