Mitigating a jobs crisis: Innovations in public employment programmes

The ITC-ILO is running a course on "Mitigating a jobs crisis: Innovations in public employment programmes", which combines on-line with face-to-face participatory learning.

The case for investment in public employment programmes in times of crisis is widely endorsed.  Many countries are committed to employment programmes as part of their response to the global crisis. This ITC-ILO course is intended to help convert such commitment into viable employment programmes. Participants will come to appreciate better the policy issues relevant to public works programmes (PWPs) and will obtain guidance on PWP development and management.

The workshop will devote ample space to sharing project experience and insight from different regions and countries during the face-to-face component at the Turin Centre, from 15 to 19 November 2010.

The range of policy options and approaches, from short-term public works to employment guarantees (EGs), will be reviewed, and the following topics will be covered:

  • The economic crisis and the Global Jobs Pact
  • Decent work, employment policy and social protection
  • Public employment programmes - case studies
  • Labour market impact
  • Policy choices: trade-offs and complementarity
  • A review of sector and multi-sector programmes
  • Social mobilization and engagement in PWPs and EGs
  • Fiscal space, affordability and funding
  • Diagnostic tools for designing country-specific PWPs and EGs.

More information at: http://ipep.itcilo.org/

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