Mobile as Mainstream – Towards Future Challenges in Mobile Learning

The Centre will participate in the 13th World Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning to be held in Istanbul from 3 to 5 November

Workplace learning has become increasingly important in the development of skills in a time of increasing competition as it ensures that workers’ skills are constantly renewed and adapted. However, in such context it is difficult to find sufficient time to attend formal training sessions, and workplace learning initiatives are often geared towards providing quick access to content-driven instruction. As a result, professional staff increasingly relies on informal initiatives where learning happens in the moment of need.

The Centre will present a paper on the applied research project “M-Workplace Learning @ ITC-ILO”, which is intended to facilitate mobile learning at work and for work.

The project is based on previous ITC-ILO experiences which focused on the potential of mobile methodologies as a means to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing with ITC-ILO beneficiaries, as well as allowing the extended participation of staff in professional work-based communities (see more at http://mobile.itcilo.org/).

The main objective of the “M-Workplace Learning @ ITC-ILO” research is to identify effective mobile methods and tools to support social and informal learning at the workplace for professional development.

The methodological approach adopted was design thinking, a structured approach to generating ideas and providing innovative solutions to practical needs, from re-inventing the use of method cards towards experimentation with tablets for learning. More information on the research project blog: http://mworkplacelearning.wordpress.com/.






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