Mobile learning for young entrepreneurs

The mobile learning story is continuously evolving at the Centre and we are ready to share the Mobile Learning Toolkit which will be used as part of the “Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB)”[1] training package.

The toolkit works on low-end mobiles rather than smartphones and relies on text-based communication such as SMS to support learning, in view of its popularity in previous African mobile projects. Inspired by the MyCoop Mobile Learning Toolkit launched in 2011, the SIYB toolkit includes custom-made scenarios for use, instructional videos, downloadable step-by-step guides and a list of additional resources.

Thanks to this mobile technology, SIYB trainers can choose from 14 mobile methodologies and a list of free tools to use to apply the methods.

The SIYB mobile learning toolkit complements and extends the learning experience beyond face-to-face training by matching the lifestyles and needs of future entrepreneurs.

In particular, the following aspects of mobile learning are considered relevant by entrepreneurs, as it:

  • Facilitates learning anytime and anywhere;
  • Enhances learning facilitation;
  • Allows the distribution of field tasks;
  • Supports continuous learning and knowledge retention;
  • Encourages interactive experiences;
  • Enables the development of key future work skills.


If you are interested in piloting some of these mobile learning methods, please contact us at delta@itcilo.org

[1] http://training.itcilo.org/delta/articulate/SIYB_YEF/presentation.html


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