Moving up the waste hierarchy to save the environment and create jobs

The Centre is involved in a project on “Green Jobs for South Africa” jointly implemented with the Green Fund and the Development Bank of Southern Africa.

The event “Green jobs in the waste sector: employment and skills needs in a green economy”, the third of a series of training courses anticipated for this two-year project, took place on 29 June to 3 July 2015 in South Africa, with 47 participants from the private sector, government, and civil society institutions, operating at local, provincial and national level in the waste economy.

They were exposed to an in-depth analysis of the job creation potential of this sector, through a multi-faceted learning approach which involved experts and practitioners from national, local and international organizations. While addressing the pressing environmental concern in South Africa, the course provided an opportunity to focus on labour issues throughout the waste value chain, including: formalization of informal workers, cooperative enterprise development, skills development, promotion of green entrepreneurship, occupational safety and health and gender mainstreaming in the promotion of sustainable waste management.

The multi-pronged learning approach led to the formulation of six working groups which are currently consolidating action plans on how to unleash the green jobs potential in the waste sector, through concrete local sectoral actions. These will be shared via the online Community of Practice on Green Jobs for South Africa, which was launched earlier this year.

The upcoming course for this in-country training programme from 7 to 11 September 2015 will cover “Green Jobs in the Natural Resources Sector”. Biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management as well as soil and land management activities will be analysed as having high potential for the creation of green jobs and concrete opportunities to boost the transition to a resource-efficient, low emission and climate-resilient economy in South Africa.

For further information, please contact: greenjobs@itcilo.org

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