My.COOP partner meeting

The My.COOP partners meet on campus for the launch of the new My.COOP training package, on 26 and 27 January 2012.

The My.COOP partnership initiative was started by the ILO Cooperative Facility for Africa and the ILO’s Cooperative Branch . Besides the Centre, the partnership and other support organizations include several African and Latin American training institutions, the Royal Tropical Institute, the Wageningen University and Research Centre and Agriterra, among others.

This initiative draws on the success of the ILO’s Materials and Techniques for Cooperative Management (MATCOM) Programme (1978-early 1990s) that developed over 40 training tools.

The “Managing your Agricultural Cooperative My.COOP” package is based on the idea that strong cooperatives are necessary for a more equitable distribution of income, increased democracy, and for sustainable economic and social development. This package contains up to date content about the management of agricultural cooperatives, and new methodologies to support the knowledge transfer such as mobile learning and distance learning for future My.COOP trainers.

Celebrating the International Year of Cooperatives, two Centre programmes, EMLD and DELTA, are partnering one another in this My.COOP launch that will see several international partners (FAO, WFP, ILO, KIT, AGRITERRA) at the Centre.

More info at My.COOP webpage: www.agriculture-my.coop


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