The new MyCOOP package is now available

My.COOP is a training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives and the result of a cooperative effort involving a wide range of partners such as ILO Cooperative Facility for Africa , the ILO’s Cooperative Branch, the Turin Centre, several African and Latin American training institutions, the Royal Tropical Institute, the Wageningen University and Research Centre and Agriterra, among others.


Further to the Partners’ meeting hosted at the Turin Centre last January, the My.COOP training package is now at the disposal of interested institutions.

Cooperatives may find themselves stretched between (at times conflicting) members’ interests, business opportunities and social considerations. Cooperative managers should ensure sound decision-making on service provision for services that are common to many agricultural cooperatives, including the supply of farm inputs and marketing. The objective of this training material is to enable existing and potential managers of agricultural cooperatives to identify and address major challenges specific to cooperatives in market-oriented agricultural development. These issues are reflected in the modular structure of the My.COOP package.

A stock of the four modules and of the mobile learning toolkit is now available for free distribution, provided the interested organizations pay for the shipping costs.

If interested, please mailto:publications@itcilo.org

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