Nearly 2K!

The 2012/13 academic year is coming to an end. During this period the “Crescere in città” [Growing up in Town] project invited the secondary school students of Turin to visit our campus as part of the “Alla Scoperta del Campus ONU” [Discovering the UN Campus] initiative.

The initiative stems from an agreement between the City of Turin and the Centre. The programme was launched in 2007, based on educational input from school teachers. It has been tested for secondary school classes.

Over the years the programme has been adapted to the training needs of the schools and on the basis of experience gained. Between October 2007 and May 2013, the initiative involved 78 classes for a total of about 1,900 students.

This initiative is intended to help increase students’ interest in global issues and show them how international organizations are called upon to operate.

During the visits, students toured the single UN campus (the Centre, UNICRI, the UNSSC, the UNESCO Centre and the SIOI share the campus facilities) and learned about the United Nations System and the Centre in particular.

The City of Turin launched a website for the initiative: http://www.comune.torino.it/crescere-in-citta/

Other visits for schools outside Turin were also organized upon request.

This year a collection of poems (in Italian) and a series of comments (in Italian ) were received at the end of the visits, as additional evidence that the initiative is going in the right direction.

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