Negotiating a way out of the crisis

A high-level “Forum on Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations in the Midst of Economic Crisis in Europe” will be hosted by the International Training Centre of the ILO from 25 to 27 November 2009. The forum will deal with the role of European social dialogue and industrial relations in managing the impact of today’s financial and economic crisis, and will chart a path towards economic recovery and renewal in Europe.

The event will bring together leading academics, decision makers and industrial relations practitioners from European governments, workers’ organizations and employers’ organizations for a two-and-a-half-day programme of reflection, debate, interactive learning and experience-sharing in a collegial setting.

The event has drawn 90 participants from all 27 EU Member States, plus 3 EU candidate countries. It aims to foster a tripartite dialogue that will set out strategies for better management of the effects of the global economic and financial crisis, and for economic recovery and renewal in Europe and beyond.

The addition of non-European constituents will broaden the perspectives on social dialogue and industrial relations in situations of crisis.  It will also provide valuable insights into the European predicament from countries that are also grappling with the crisis and that have taken social dialogue approaches during previous ones. There will be a thorough analysis of social dialogue and industrial relations systems in Europe, and of the impact of the global crisis on labour market flexibility, labour migration, atypical employment and working conditions.

The Forum will be highly participatory, like all Turin Centre training activities, in contrast with more classical seminar or conference approaches. This approach has also been taken in previous EC-funded events, and received very positive feedback from the participants. 

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