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The first “Academy on Rural Development: Towards Decent Work in the Rural Economy” will take place on campus from 12 to 23 October 2015

The Academy, financed by the ILO Geneva, the Governments of Italy and Spain and an important cooperation with the FAO, is especially designed for policy makers (including ILO’s tripartite constituents - government officials, representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations) and practitioners. The Academy is offered in English, French and Spanish.

The ILO estimates that almost eight out of ten working poor live in rural areas, and are in vulnerable employment, in agriculture. Rural poverty has numerous causes, such as climate change, natural resource degradation, conflict, weak institutions, poor agricultural conditions and trade-related challenges. It is also a driver of a host of social problems, including hunger and malnutrition, poor working conditions and exploitation of children.

The ILO’s approach to rural poverty is to increase the overall resilience of rural communities and their capacity to address such challenges through the Decent Work Agenda. This approach is based on three main goals:

  • increasing the voice of rural people through organization of communities and promotion of rights, standards and social dialogue;
  • promoting an employment-based rural development model through diversified livelihoods and better integration in value chains; and
  • providing social protection floors which guarantee minimum income and access to basic services in rural economies which are often vulnerable to external shocks.


This Academy provides an opportunity to be exposed to a range of integrated approaches, tools and training packages with the objective of achieving Decent work for all towards sustainable, inclusive and thriving rural economies.

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