New Inter-Agency Training Course on Building Effective Youth Investment Programmes

Young people (aged 10-24) account for more than a quarter of the world's population. Some 86 per cent of them live in developing countries where, every day, they face unemployment, exploitation, inadequate schooling, inadequate skills, health risks, violence and crime. This entails a tremendous social and economic cost to their societies. Accordingly, comprehensive programmes to support the young are urgently needed in many countries of the world. However, country-level investments in policies and programmes for young people are few and not always adequate.

UN agency and donor country support is needed to help governments meet the needs of young people by developing the necessary know-how to use limited resources to design action ranging from monitoring and evaluating current and planned measures to addressing the needs of the most vulnerable categories. To raise capacity to tackle these issues, the ITC-ILO is hosting, for the first time, from 6 to 10 October, a new training course on "Building Effective Youth Investment Programmes: Issues for Project Design".

The main objective of this inter-agency (ILO, World Bank, WHO, Council of Europe and GTZ) workshop is to equip staff from government institutions, multi-lateral and bi-lateral development agencies, youth leaders and NGOs dealing with youth issues in developing countries with the essential knowledge, concepts and tools to design effective investment programmes for young people. The course will focus on three specific areas: non-formal education, adolescent health, and youth employment and livelihood. It will also discuss monitoring and evaluation.

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