New research-based co-operative learning and training initiative

The Centre is the consortium leader for the European Migrant Integration Academy (EU-MIA), a research-based co-operative learning and training initiative, in partnership with the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford and the International and European Forum of Migration Research (FIERI).

Activism on migrant integration in European cities has produced a wealth of practical experience and knowledge, whereas consolidating and sharing good practices has not received the same attention. Over the last few years, different policy-oriented networking initiatives targeting local integration authorities have been launched, although few have been able to trigger concrete processes of policy improvement or induce sustainable policy transfer. They were were also unable to establish city-to-city synergies.

The main objective of this project is to involve public officials and local stakeholders in the development and implementation of local-level integration policies in selected European cities.

The Centre and its partners will use their knowledge and networks to deliver structured training initiatives for public officials and local stakeholders by:

  • increasing the systematic sharing of knowledge on key features of local integration policies in European cities on the basis of rigorously researched criteria for selecting "functioning practices";
  • widely spreading practical knowledge on successful integration measures and practices, utilising and extending existing evidence and networks to help sustain a Europe-wide community of reflexive practice on integration;
  • improving the capacity of key actors in the field of integration at city and neighbourhood level through a training academy in February 2014;
  • reinforcing and expanding multi-stakeholder and multi-level European networks that share innovative experiences and knowledge on migrant integration in urban contexts.


More information at: www.eu-mia.eu

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