New training course on international labour migration

In 2005, 191 million people, 3% of the world’s population, lived outside their country of origin. Forecasts show this number rising. This has put the phenomenon of international migration at the heart of national, regional and international policies, because labour migration has a strong impact on the economy, the job market and development. Migrant workers are especially vulnerable in terms of limited rights and protection. In response to this, and in the wake of the resolution adopted by the International Labour Conference in 2004, the ILO has drawn up a plan of action and a multilateral framework for fair globalization for migrant workers.

For the last two years, the International Training Centre of the ILO, in conjunction with the ILO's International Migration Programme, has offered political decision-makers, migration programme managers, workers and employers a course in English on labour migration.

That course is now being run for the first time in French, from 8 to 19 September in Turin. The participants are mostly representatives of the ILO’s tripartite constituents, namely governments, employers and workers, from West Africa, North Africa and Europe. The course will allow significant players from both source and destination countries to share and improve their knowledge and skills regarding labour migration issues.

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