New work culture with respect for workers’ rights

“Every day we struggle to be more productive, more competitive and to open avenues of development to people,” said Marco Antonio Adame Castillo, Governor of Morelos, inaugurating the course on the Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System (ProMES) that ran from 7 to 11 September in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Forty participants from Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, Uruguay, Honduras, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Peru shared an intense week of work that covered issues such as competitiveness, learning organizations, decent work, productivity measurement systems, feedback systems, lifelong learning and ProMES management.

This was part of the 90th anniversary celebrations of the International Labour Organization (ILO)  Adame Castillo said one of the objectives of ProMES was to secure the participation and inclusion of workers in managing organizational change for economic efficiency, social sustainability and environmental sustainability.

“We need to foster a work culture which has at its heart the value of the human being and social justice expressed through dialogue, innovation, wealth creation and generating decent jobs,” he said.

Germán López Morales, Director of the Mexico-Cuba Office advocated innovation in work. He declared that the ILO’s principles and values remained valid and respected. Ninety years after its creation, the ILO's values and principles were still applicable, and their global acceptance was shown by 180 Conventions to ensure a better quality of life for the families of workers. But he pointed out that we had to be prepared to deal with the international challenges that marked the current economic crisis. One of the strategies, he said, was action by governments, employers and workers to raise productivity. “The last meeting produced a global pact to create new sources of employment, and thus deal with the ravages of economic crisis," said Germán López.

Finally, he added, we had to keep pace with innovation and demand better education focusing on improved productivity, otherwise it would be hard to create new jobs.

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