Our Mobile Learning Toolkit: the power of ideas

Over 70% of mobile phones are in developing countries. To reach as many participants as possible, the Turin Centre is promoting a new Mobile Learning Toolkit that will enable trainers in developing countries to integrate mobile learning into their work.

The 98‐page open source toolkit can be downloaded free from http://jenniferparker.posterous.com/mobile-learning-toolkit . It contains 15 mobile learning methods for trainers to choose from.  The methods are classified as content, tasks, feedback or support. They only require simple devices (basic mobile phones with voice calling and SMS capabilities). They therefore make interactive learning possible almost anywhere.

The Mobile Learning Toolkit includes an overview of mobile learning, a set of practical tools and recommendations for customizing the methods to teach the principles of managing agricultural cooperatives in developing regions.

The Mobile Learning Toolkit has been designed for all kinds of training within any development context.  Anyone can pick up the toolkit and be inspired to use mobile learning.

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