Participants' voice: focus on labour administration

We are glad to publish another alumni story coming from South Africa. It is heartwarming and spontaneous testimony to the value of a training course on labour administration which took place in Turin from 3 to 14 November 2008. Click on the headline to read more.


“Dear All

Allow   me   to  express  our  deepest  sense  of  gratitude  to  the  ILO and its International  Training  Centre for  the  training  we  received. When our Minister approved our request to attend the Labour Administration course, our expectations were high. Indeed, the Centre did not disappoint. When we left the Centre, our hearts were abounding and minds overflowing with the richness of knowledge.  Your contribution has impacted on our lives and we are never the same again. We are ready to implement and impact upon our nation what we have learned from you. To  us,  you  epitomized  the  reservoir of knowledge which is critical for espousing  the  fundamental  rights of workers, which are also human rights. The diversity of knowledge we have received from individual lecturers was more than what any institution could have imparted in us. We shall always cherish what we have learned from each one of you. To my entire new friends from different nations and colours but one people, what has united and knitted our heart is our common humanity. We all share the common values of love, respect and human dignity for each other, no matter our backgrounds. I have learned a lot from your countries' systems but most of all, I have gained universal friendship. I dearly miss your laughter and friendship. Never will your faces as individuals and collectively escape my mind. If destiny and time allow, I hope to meet you all.”

Love you all,

Stephen Rathai
Department of Labour
South Africa

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