Participants’ voices – Focus on labour law and gender & non discrimination

We are glad and proud to hear some more voices of participants from different parts of the world. The first is Mr Sergey Savchuk, an ILO Kiev official in charge of the review of labour legislation in Ukraine, and the second is a participant in the same training activity. The others are participants in Gender and Non-Discrimination training activities.

Participatory Labour Law Making, June 2009


Dear Colleagues, (…)

I have just gathered all Ukrainian participants in the course for a lunch to hear their opinions about the course, their views of how the new knowledge from the training will be used in their work, etc.

Although the group was rather professionally strong, all participants stressed they learnt a lot of new information which will be useful in their daily work.

They also said they got armed with lots of strong arguments to defend their professional position regarding many hotly disputed points in the labour law.

They learned particularly a lot about gender equality (!)

Finally, through this training they have become friends.

We have immediate outcomes which can partially be credited to this training: the number of contradictions in the draft Labour Code was reduced from 12 to 8, and I hope we will see even more outcomes in the months to come.

So, thank you all for your valuable inputs to make this training a success.


“… this was a very useful and important seminar, the trainers are talented, and the whole environment was conducive to learning.”

Iryna Tubelets, Director of the Legal Department, Ministry of Labour and
Social Policy of Ukraine

Mainstreaming Gender Equality, November 2008

1.   Ara Shatil, Business Adviser for the GTZ, Dhaka, Bangladesh:

“I enjoyed the course very much. It opened my eyes to the broader horizon.”

2.  Mariam Sock, Secretary, National Environment Agency, Gambia (worker):

“I have gained a lot of experience from different countries and cultures respectively. We were a true family during our stay in Turin. Let us share any information we have among us for our future endeavours.”

3.   Chim Manavy, Executive Director, Open Institute, Cambodia:

“Thank you to the ITC-ILO for providing me with an opportunity to learn more about relevant works so that I can use this as much as possible for bringing about change and a better status of the Cambodian women.”

4.  Ruth Anand Didla, Project Director, Rural Unit for Health and Family Welfare, India:

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart so much for all your support during the entire course programme. It was a wonderful learning experience which is really very helpful in our working areas.”


Gender Budgeting, November 2008

1.  Dipankar Datta, Assistant Country Director, Concern Worldwide, Kenya:

“It was an excellent training programme for me, and from my vantage point it has fulfilled my key expectations. At least, now I know what gender budgeting is, why it is important, where and how to start this process, what the potential challenges we may face are, and the issue of taxation on women’s well-being.”

2.  Abimbola Onjibanjo, Programme Officer, Centre for the Right to Health, Nigeria

“I learnt quite a lot during the training period. As a matter of fact, I will be presenting two lectures on gender budgeting. This wouldn’t have been possible without the training.”

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