Participants’ Voices – Focus on Participatory Labour Law-Making and Labour Administration

We are glad to hear some more voices of participants from different parts of the world.

  • Participatory labour law-making, June and July 2009

  1. Mr. Joseph Nyaga Ireri, Assistant Labour Commissioner, Ministry of Labour, Nairobi, Kenya


I believe you are doing well in your endeavour to train the world for a better working environment and decent work that will result in brighter emulative social justice and enhanced human dignity in the world. I am also doing well in employing the skills I gained during the training for better labour laws in my country.

Here in Kenya, we are in the process of examining the new labour laws, aiming at identifying areas where there are gaps, omissions, ambiguity, conflicts, and other shortcomings with a view to making corrections, additions, deletions, making it clear and simple, etc. I am happy to state that the skills I gained during the two-week course come in hardy.

I understand quite well how to make the laws user-friendly by doing away with ambiguities and making it clear and fair to those it is intended to apply to, in order to create, maintain and improve industrial peace and harmony - courtesy of the ITC-ILO, Turin.  Please keep up your good efforts. The world will obviously bow to you. 

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  • Strengthening and re-engineering labour administration to promote decent work (Turin, 12-23 October 2009)


  1. Cecilia Lourdes Siqueira Karlen, Representative Delegate of the Executive Power in the Salary Council, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Montevideo, Uruguay


I want to say hello from Uruguay and thank you for everything.

The course on "Strengthening and re-engineering labour administration to promote decent work" was really a great intercultural experience, as well as a professional opportunity I will always value. The type of training we received gave us the opportunity to analyse some of our most recurrent problems from a different, more executive and practical point of view.

I have shared the information I was given with my colleagues, as well as
with some union leaders, and they found it very interesting.


  2.  Fatai Babatunde Onaeko, Acting Director and Head of the Trade Union Education Department,

       Michael Imoudu National Institute for Labour Studies, Ilorin, Nigeria


I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for making our participation in the recently concluded workshop on labour administration in Turin successful.

I am blessed through the quality of your presentations and interactions, which flowed from the depth and variety of your rich experiences. Thank you. 

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