Participants’ voices – Focus on public service reform and labour administration

We are glad to publish some testimonials from Africa.

Mr Abdoulaye Djibeye (Niger), a participant in the course entitled "Reforme de la Fonction Publique: une approche participative", November 2008, sent us the following letter from Ms Kanda Siptey, Civil Service and Labour Minister, Niger.

Re: Seminar on public service reform: a participatory approach

After taking part in the above seminar in Turin from 3 to 16 November 2008, and the subsequent study tour to Brussels from 18 to 21 November 2008, my two collaborators told me how relevant the training had proved, and how high in quality.

Accordingly, I should like to express my deep gratitude to you for your institution’s contribution to strengthening the capacities of senior officials in my department.

Best wishes,

Ms Kanda Siptey



Workshop on "Strengthening and re-engineering labour administration to promote decent work in Liberia", February 2009


Speaking at the opening of a week-long workshop for members of the National Tripartite Committee (NTC) on Monday, February 2, 2009, the Deputy Labour Minister of Liberia said that training was critical to the Ministry's success.


The workshop, on the subject of  "Strengthening and re-engineering labour administration to promote decent work in Liberia", was sponsored by the Ministry of Labour in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO).

He noted that the workshop was intended to provide training for people in both the government and the private sector who dealt with labour issues. He praised the ILO and other partners for providing such an opportunity for members of the National Tripartite Committee, which comprised representatives of workers, employers and government.

For his part, the ILO technical adviser to Liberia, Dr. Peter Hall, said the training would help transfer technical knowledge to labour administrators in Liberia.

He added that the workshop would also help strengthen the capacity of labour administrators and reinforce the understanding of the employment policy and labour law reform process.

The workshop for 30 participants was facilitated by the ITC-ILO.


Workshop on "Strengthening and re-engineering labour administration to promote decent work in Liberia", February 2009


From Mr Jackson N. Wonde, Deputy Minister for Manpower Planning,  Ministry of  Labour, Monrovia, Liberia

I know I speak on behalf of all the participants in the recently completed workshops when I say we are most grateful to the ITC-ILO and the ILO PREDEC team for the excellent workshops and knowledge imparted. Over 70 participants benefited from the two courses.  I believe they are now better able to appreciate the issues to be addressed and to apply the skills provided.

The resource persons were excellent and the instructional methods (role playing, case studies and interactive participation) and course materials were certainly first class. ….Thank to our Assistant Ministers Jaclkollie and Bangalu, who not only benefited from the training in Turin but, I think you will agree, added greatly as facilitators.

The chance for participants to discuss and apply what they were learning to the Liberian circumstance and to ask questions on what works and what does not in a post-crisis setting made the experience all the more meaningful. The ITC-ILO has to be congratulated for bringing the Turin courses to Liberia.  A critical mass of persons from the Ministry of Labour, the social partners, the National Tripartite Committee and the private sector were trained and worked together, which made the experience all the more meaningful.

I want in particular to thank the ITC-ILO for the commitment and strong support in making its staff available and assisting Liberia in its bid to reconstruct itself and meet its Poverty Reduction Strategy objectives.

We look forward to applying what we have learned and implementing the practical recommendations from the courses. We also look forward to the next ITC-ILO courses and the chance to meet and work together again.

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