Participants’ voices: Edward Mutabazi, Lecturer at the Uganda Management Institute (UMI) and former ITC-ILO participant

Here is an extract from Mr Mubatazi’s account of our training activity on "Participatory labour law making”, 22 June - 3 July, 2009.

....I found the methodology used in the course very enriching.  Learning about experiences from other countries, being able to share practices, making comparisons between countries with labour legislation that works well and others with laws of lower performance was extremely interesting.  I was also involved in discussions about the approaches being used by tripartite groups.

All the topics covered were complete, relevant and very enriching.

Upon return to my country, I met with some members of the National Organization of Trade Unions, and I was able to share experiences of other countries that I learnt in Turin.  Two of them were able to participate in another training activity at the ITC-ILO, to gain additional competences.

Since my training in Turin, my approach to training in industrial relations and labour law has dramatically changed.  I am able to authoritatively refer to best practices and various ILO Conventions and Recommendations. My delivery style has definitely been enriched, together with my confidence on referring case studies.  Also, the level of comprehension by the participants has positively improved.

At institutional level, I recently wrote a proposal to develop training material for the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), utilizing information and knowledge gained during my two-week activity in Turin.  The proposal was rated outstanding and very relevant.

I also delivered training on ‘Engendering the fight against tripanosomiasis’ with the information I gained on current legislation on gender and elimination of all forms of gender-based discrimination.

I had discussions with members of Uganda’s parliament on minimum wage labour laws. They are interested also in the legislation process and I therefore shared my Turin Centre material with them.  They gave the same positive feedback on the quality and appropriateness of the training material, which I had already received by colleagues at UMI.

If you were to ask me if I would recommend the ITC-ILO for training, my answer would be “Yes, definitely yes!”.

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