Pension schemes and social security financing for Arab States

All around the globe, countries are making major changes to their social protection systems, and to their pension systems in particular.
In some cases, this involves large-scale expansion of pension coverage from a very limited base, in other countries a fundamental reform of existing pension schemes. Demographic change, notably the ageing of the population, is cited by some as a key reason for reform. In other circumstances, economic factors such as structural adjustment programmes or the transition to a market economy play an important role.

In nearly all cases, the aim of these reforms is to make pension schemes more effective and efficient. The managers and staff of pension schemes and those responsible for pension policy and supervision have to review the design of the schemes, the organizational structures, operating procedures and financing.  A key element in the implementation of any changes is the proper training of those who will be involved.

To respond to this need, the ILO’s Training Centre organized a two-week workshop specifically aimed at managers and other personnel of pension schemes, officials from key ministries responsible for the development and monitoring of social protection systems, and representatives of the social partners involved in the governance of social security institutions from nine Arab countries. The workshop, which took place here in Turin from 30 June to 11 July, focused on the key issues related to pension schemes, including the relationship between public and private pension provision, the structure of benefits, sustainable financing and the tripartite governance of pension schemes.

The course was characterized by high participation by women: 15 out of 33 participants.

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