Piemonte for you

On behalf of the Regional Council of Piemonte, the "Piemonte Agency" has designed and set up a website entitled piemonteforyou.it. Piemonteforyou.it is reserved for participants in ITC-ILO training activities (login and password needed).

It aims to acquaint people with the region and keep them in touch with it. It is a ready reference, with an overview of Piemonte’s history, economy and culture, together with details of public services and the main tourist attractions in the region.

It includes a Directory section (with contact details of Piemonte’s  main institutions, public bodies, agencies, libraries, universities, research centres, clinics, hospitals, etc.), a News section, a Highlights section on Piedmontese industry, and a section on arts, culture, leisure and tourism.

The website is constantly updated to provide ITC-ILO trainees with up-to-date, reliable and useful information on Piemonte.


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