Pinpointing trends in evaluation results

An essential component of the Centre’s learning approach is the systematic evaluation of its training activities. Evaluation is fully embedded in the learning management cycle and includes the following steps: an analysis of learning needs, an end-of-activity evaluation, a learning assessment, and a follow-up evaluation.

The end-of-activity evaluation is given the widest and longest coverage. Continuous analysis of the collected information identifies trends, strengths and areas for improvements in the Centre’s training.

The majority of the Centre’s training programmes are designed to contribute to the ILO’s result-based management strategy. Last year, for the first time the results were disaggregated by ILO outcome. To see the average evaluation results by ILO outcome, click here.

In further differentiation, the 2010 results were clustered according to the participant characteristics of sex and type of organization. Systematic differences between women and men, as well as differences among types of organization, were found. Graphic depictions of these differences for some of the specific dimensions of the training are available here: by sex, by type of organization.



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