Promoting learning excellence at the Centre through the ITCILO innovation fund - Gender

Widening and upgrading ITCILO on-line learning services in the field of rights at work and gender equality

The Centre established an in-house financing mechanism in 2012 with the objective of nurturing innovation and research in the training portfolio of the Centre, with an emphasis on internet-support and IT-enhanced learning methods. Over 2012-14, the Fund has supported 19 in-house initiatives with a combined budget of 500,000 Euros. Together, these initiatives have contributed to the delivery of more and better training and learning services at the Centre. Starting with this web news, we will feature eight different projects on our website.

One example of good practice financed by the innovation fund is the project on “Widening and upgrading ITCILO on-line learning services in the field of rights at work and gender equality”.

This project was intended to provide easily accessible and cost-effective learning opportunities on topics related to gender, equality promotion, International Labour Standards and child labour.

In partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization and the UN Women Training Centre, a modular training package on ‘Gender and Equality Organizational Self-Assessment’ has been produced and uploaded on the Centre’s Gender learning platform: http://gender-campus.itcilo.org/lms/login_geosa.php  This component also included the development of a computer-based application ‘Gender campus for tablets’ that allows users to use the learning resources on mobile devices.  For more information: http://gender-campus.itcilo.org/lms/login_geosa.php

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