Promoting prototyping and experimental learning in the Training Department

Evidence of good practice promoted through the ITCILO Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is an in-house financing mechanism established in 2012 with the objective of nurturing innovation and experimentation in the training portfolio of the Centre. The emphasis this year is on prototyping and experimental learning in the Training Department. Innovation goes beyond the ‘buzzword’ and focuses on new products and services that add value to the organization. The added value is directly connected to institutional strategic plans that are currently into place. An innovation is a feasible relevant offering such as a service, product, process or experience with a viable business model that is perceived as new and adds value from a constituent’s perspective.

The funding window has a budget ceiling of 100,000 Euros. The immediate objective of this funding window is to promote, by underwriting investments of up to 20,000 Euros, new product development linked to any one of the following five themes:

•        Massive Online Open Courses: The new global classroom

•        Behavioural change, modelling and nudging

•        Transformational learning services

•        The use of interactive video and digital storytelling

•        Augmented reality and cutting edge technologies


In total, five proposals were approved, out of which four are already underway:

  •  MOOC: Massive Online Open Course on roles and responsibilities of board members in employers' organizations 
  •  NUDGE: Application of behavioural change frameworks on gender inequalities and employment policies –
  •  MF: Innovative E-Learning Development for Making Micro-Finance Work
  •  VR: Augmented and virtual reality applied to educational cases in the Maritime Labour Certificate Course. 


Selected examples of good practice inspired by these innovation fund projects will be published in our webnews.

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