Embracing diversity

Human development is about putting people at the centre of development. It is about people fulfilling their potential, increasing their choices and enjoying the freedom to lead lives they can value.

The international community is gradually becoming aware that the Millennium Development Goals will never be reached if people with disabilities are not taken into account in poverty reduction and development programmes.  A series of countries, including developing countries, are therefore starting to take steps to include persons with disabilities in economic life and society in general.

Since 2002, the International Training Centre has offered courses on the inclusion in the labour market of people with disabilities.  In order to incorporate their concerns into the national labour market policies, a project on enhancing the vocational rehabilitation and employment services for people with disabilities in Oman asked the ITC-ILO to design a tailor made course.

This course will run from 1 to 10 March 2010.  It will focus on the concept of disability, legislation on it and the application of international labour standards.

The course will embody the "Turin Learning Approach".  Presentations by recognised specialists will alternate with highly interactive, learner-centered methods.  Practical exercises, discussions, group work, case studies and individual assignments will convey content and encourage teh sharing of experience and knowledge.

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