RECAP: Official launch at the ITC-ILO

Last May, we gave advance information on the three-year technical cooperation project on “Strengthening the capacity to devise and analyse decent work indicators”, known as RECAP.

RECAP will have its official launch on 22 June 2010, at the ITC-ILO, with its first inter-regional workshop. The event will bring together specialists in statistics and decent work, together with representatives of:

  • ministries of employment and social protection
  • statistics institutes
  • national employment observatories
  • the social partners.

The workshop will:

  • present the objectives of the project;
  • create a network for sharing experience among countries in Latin America and Africa;
  • discuss the concept of decent work and the need for statistical data to measure and analyse decent work indicators;
  • set the terms of reference for institutional and technical reviews of labour market information systems.

The project’s main goal is to strengthen the capacity to collect and analyse decent work indicators and thereby improve decision-making. It should make an impact on the agencies responsible for the collection of information on labour statistics (statistics offices, the statistics departments of ministries of labour and social protection) and their analysis (research institutes and research departments of public bodies and the social partners), as well as feeding them into public policy (ministries and the social partners).

The beneficiary countries of this project are Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama in Latin America and  Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal in West Africa.

The two-day workshop will be an important occasion for sharing and mutual understanding, and for deciding on RECAP’s next steps and action.

For more information, see www.itcilo.org/recap or write to recap@itcilo.org.

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