RECAP: Strengthening the capacity to devise and analyse decent work indicators

RECAP is a technical cooperation project which lasts three years (March 2010 - February 2013) and aims to strengthen the capacity to devise and analyse decent work indicators in several countries in Latin America and West Africa. The Centre is running this project, with financial support from the European Commission. It is part of the ILO’s drive to promote decent work throughout the world, and is consistent with the priority accorded by the European Commission to integrating decent work into all its development cooperation activity.

The project comes during a global crisis, whose impact on the quantity and quality of employment in many countries could not be measured in depth. In this context, decent work indicators are, more than ever, essential for organizing information on the labour market and a prerequisite for the establishment of a monitoring system capable of providing timely information needed for making decisions.

The project focuses on four Latin American countries (
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama) and four West African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal). The target groups include government employment and social protection services, statistics institutes, national employment observatories, national research centres and the social partners.

There will be nine activities, covering five components. The first year will see a consultation workshop on the measurement and analysis of decent work, technical and institutional revisions of the labour market information systems (LMIS) and a model questionnaire for better
surveys. The revised LMIS and model questionnaire will be examined by peers in regional validation workshops during the second year. These workshops will make it possible to set the direction and content of the study visits and training activities to be held during the second and third year. They will also make it possible to select two countries (one in Latin America and one in Africa) for specific technical support during the third year in order to transpose the improved survey questionnaire. It is planned to continue communicating results throughout the project, with a final dissemination workshop in the third year.

The project will strengthen the capacity to collect and analyse decent work indicators to improve decision-making. It should make an impact on the agencies responsible for the collection of information on labour statistics (statistics offices, the statistics departments of ministries of labour and social protection) and their analysis (research institutes and research departments of public bodies and social partners), as well as feeding them into public policy (ministries and social partners).

For more information, see our website (http://www.itcilo.org/recap) or write to: recap@itcilo.org.

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