"RE-LAB goes local" - Training for entrepreneurship and the social/occupational integration of refugees: opportunities and challenges

The third “local” meeting of the “RE-LAB: Start up your business” [1] project will take place in Turin on Tuesday 29 April on the premises of the lead body, the ITCILO.


The initiative, coordinated by ITCILO officials and attended by representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, which is providing the funding, will consist of two round-table discussions. The purpose of the first is to encourage discussion and take on board significant contributions on the subject of “Entrepreneurship training for new citizens: opportunities and challenges”. The objective of the second is to stimulate debate on “The social and occupational integration of refugees through entrepreneurship”.

The various local meetings, the first held in Milan on 20 March, the second in Trento on 10 April, and the next planned for Catania in May, are gathering ideas and points of view that will be useful in drawing up guidelines for programmes in support of autonomous activities involving beneficiaries of international protection.

[1] The purpose of this two-year project (October 2012 - June 2014), managed by the Centre in partnership with the Micro-finance and Development Association (Associazione Microfinanza e Sviluppo), Micro Progress Onlus, the Municipality of Venice and the Italian Refugee Council (Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati), is to promote entrepreneurial initiatives on the part of beneficiaries of international protection, providing them with the skills and tools they need to start up businesses, giving them guidance and training, and supporting the creation of new enterprises.

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