Renewing an important partnership

The partnership between the Centre and the Regional Council of Piedmont, supported by the Piedmont Agency for Investments, Exports and Tourism (Ceipiemonte), has been renewed once more for 2016 through a Letter of Intent. The ceremony took place on 13 July at the Palazzo Lascaris.

The main objective of this collaboration is to provide participants in the Centre’s training activities with information on the Piedmont Region and its institutions, as well as some aspects of its history, economy and culture.

A dedicated English-language website,  "Piemonteforyou", will again be accessible via Ceipiemonte both from the Regional Council and the ITCILO websites, providing information on:

* boosting the presence of the local production system in foreign markets, developing manufacturing excellence, innovation and research;

* attracting investments in production, services and research, promoting local systems, technology platforms and innovation clusters;

* highlighting the history and culture of Piedmont and attracting international tourism;

* training and modernizing local and foreign enterprises and institutions in the field of internationalization and promotion of international cooperation projects.

Other items on ITCILO activities, the involvement of the local public system in international activities, such as the Municipality of Turin and the Metropolitan City, and the Piedmont university system, are also part of the agreement.


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