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We are proud to share the following comments by the ITC-ILO official Daniela Klein on completing her single-handed race across the Atlantic in an 83-boat regatta.

After 29 days, 18 hours, 50 minutes and 25 seconds, covering 8,546 kilometres on a boat 6.5 metres long, alone, with no help and no communications with dry land, a great dream came true.

From La Rochelle to Salvador de Bahia, from one continent to another, across the equator and over both the earth’s hemispheres, today I can say that I went all the way, thanks to the support of extraordinary women and men who believed in the values enshrined in this famous race, among them the ILO and the colleagues who supported me in so many ways, without whom I could never have risen to the challenge.

I am left with a wealth of things I learned, above all about myself, in order to be able not only to cross the ocean single-handed but to do so in a race with some of the world’s top sailors. A thousand feelings remain: the emotion of the start (just to be on the starting line was to reach a target in itself), gliding along under the trade winds, going into the much-feared Doldrums (where the tropics meet), the stress when you know you’re pushing yourself too hard but you cannot stop, the lack of sleep, being constantly soaked, not being able to eat, being alone in everything, wanting to be further ahead and always being afraid you haven’t chosen the right strategy, when the only thing you can do is race and race flat-out.

I now think that no dream is too big to be worth dreaming. Dreaming of something is the first step to making it a reality. And making it a reality forces us to go beyond our limits. In the end, we discover that those limits can always be pushed even further back. Today, I feel capable of an even greater dream … a voyage around the world.



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Photograph by: Thierry Martinez

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