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The first open workshop of the Green Campus Initiative will take place on campus on 11 May 2016.

The Centre is celebrating five years of active commitment and continuous developments to integrate sustainable practices in the management of campus facilities and services. Progress and performance are regularly monitored through the annual International Eco-Schools Award Certification (Green Flag), which was renewed in April 2016 for results achieved in 2015.

This event will provide an opportunity to reflect on how to further improve the Centre’s environmental performance, to respond to the increased awareness of participants and a renewed commitment by both the ILO and the broader UN to climate neutrality.

The objective of this workshop is the revamp of the Green Campus Initiative and the enhancement of the Green Campus Advisory Group, to facilitate, support and oversee new green activities.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to:

  • share the progress, performance and results of the Centre’s environmental policy and actions, in particular in the framework of the Green Flag award renewed every year;
  • learn about the new ILO “Environmental Sustainability Policy”, with the contribution of representatives of its Committee;
  • identify areas for improvement and future actions in the current biennium that would create a greener campus, while contributing to the ILO’s objectives and the UN 2020 climate neutrality goal.

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