Social dialogue in the European chemical industry

A concrete example of collaboration is taking place in Turin on 9 and 10 December 2009. An EC-funded bipartite workshop on “Connecting to EU-level Sectoral Social Dialogue: Lessons learned and perspectives for the social partners” will bring together representatives of both employers’ organizations and trade unions to work on areas of common interest for future joint social partner initiatives in the chemical industry.

Why is this cooperation important?

In 2009, the ITC-ILO launched two parallel EC-funded training projects on strengthening the capacity of affiliates of ECEG (1) and EMCEF (2)  to participate in sectoral social dialogue at national and European level.

The objectives of the projects are:

    • to increase participation by social partners from new Member States and candidate countries in European sectoral social dialogue;
    • to explore prospects for advancing social dialogue at national and European level.

These projects started with training activities at the ITC-ILO, followed by several sub-regional workshops in European countries. With the capacity-building phase completed, both projects now conclude with this joint workshop, which will provide an opportunity for employers and workers to:

    • consolidate their knowledge of the dynamics of European social dialogue;
    • use the European social partners’ Working Programme 2009-2010 to strengthen social dialogue at national level;
    • identify areas of common interest for future joint social partner initiatives.



(1)   The European Chemical Employers Group is a European social affairs organization that encompasses the national employers’ federations in the sector in 24 European countries.

(2)  EMCEF today organizes 2.5 million workers in 35 countries and 128 national trade unions across Europe.

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