Social Health Protection

Social health protection is an important tool to reduce poverty and inequality. Healthier workers are more productive; labour supply increases when morbidity and mortality rates are lower. Conversely, the lack of access to medically necessary health care has significant social and economic repercussions, often driving people into poverty and out of the workforce.

A training activity on “Social Health Protection: addressing inequities in access to health care”, is taking place on campus from 3 to 14 March 2014.

Nearly 90 per cent of people living in countries with very high vulnerability levels are still not formally covered by any health care scheme or system. In order to be effective, Social Health Protection systems should provide universal access to health care that is affordable, available and offers financial protection in times of illness, injury and maternity.

The programme will identify inequities in effective access and the main causes of these inequities, and review the importance of universal access to health care in crisis and post-crisis situations. It will also examine issues related to the feasibility of introducing a scheme and planning for its implementation, designing the appropriate contribution levels and benefits, monitoring the provision of services, and ensuring the sound governance and financing of the scheme.

This training activity will enable participants to:

  • learn about the main determinants of inequities in social health protection systems
  • identify and analyse root causes of inequity in access to health care
  • recall the most important ILO concepts and definitions in this sphere (coverage, effective access, affordability, quality, financial protection)
  • assess (dis)advantages of the various mechanisms for financing social health
  • evaluate the impact and costs of social health insurance and government tax-funded systems
  • respond to the specific needs of vulnerable groups in order to progress towards equity in access to health care
  • gain an international perspective on global initiatives on access to health care

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