Social security speaks Portuguese in Africa

In its continuous effort to enhance constituents’ competencies, the ITC-ILO is reinforcing skills of participants concerning social security and social protection from African countries which share Portuguese as an official language. It is running a project funded by the Portuguese Ministry of Labour and Social Solidarity which complements the STEP Portugal project. STEP Portugal aims at extending social protection to all, linking social protection with other development issues, reducing poverty and facilitating access to employment, income and social services.

The ITC-ILO recently ran its sixth project training activity on “Financial governance in social security systems”, in Maputo, from 20 to 24 September, in collaboration with the “QUATRAIN AFRICA” Project, designed to enhance the financial governance capabilities of social security institutions in Africa.

One of the participants in this programme, Mr Adelino Buque (a member of the Board of Mozambique’s National Institute of Social Security), wrote an interesting article in the Mozambican newspaper “O País” on the importance of the ITC-ILO’s tripartite approach and innovative concepts such as of “security and profitability” of social security compared to investments in real estate, and the need to centralize funds.

He also commented on the importance of comparing country situations with other participants, which is one of the strengths of the Turin Learning Approach.

A further activity will take place in Praia, Cape Verde, on “Statistical Studies of social security”, from 18 to 22 October, with contributions by the ILO STEP Portugal Programme (phase II), the National Social Security Institute and the National Institute of Statistics of Cape Verde.

The course will see the participation of experts from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Health of Cape Verde and of senior representatives of national social security institutions in Angola and Mozambique.

Training activities in 2009 and 2010 cover the following topics:

  • social security and social protection
  • financial governance of social security
  • organization and administration of social security
  • collection of contributions
  • social security statistics
  • health mutuals
  • inclusive social protection and project design.

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