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Decent Work for Domestic Workers begins at home

Improving the conditions of domestic workers has been an ILO concern since 1948, and the Decent Work Agenda includes setting standards on decent work for domestic workers.

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the adoption of the Domestic Workers Convention (No. 189), 2011, on 16 June 2015, the ILO launched a campaign to raise awareness among ILO officials about their responsibilities as employers of domestic workers.

Domestic workers make a vital contribution to the smooth functioning of our lives, and their rights begin at home, with respectful relationships with those who care for our homes and families.

Making decent work a reality for domestic workers requires each of us to play our part. Everyone can start taking one step at a time:

  • Treat domestic workers with respect
  • Recognise their work
  • Pay a decent wage
  • Guarantee sufficient rest
  • Provide decent living conditions


With the objective of raising awareness of the Domestic Workers Convention 2011 (No.189) and ILO Recommendation 2011 (No.201) the Centre has offered a standard course on Decent Work for Domestic Workers since 2013 and has been involved in other capacity building initiatives on the issue.

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