Successful completion of the EU-funded project on “Transnational Company Agreements”!

Transnational company agreements (TCAs) are a new form of international social dialogue at company level. They create opportunities and pose significant challenges to managers and employers alike.

The project called “Transnational Company Agreements: Building management knowledge and capacity” was the result of successful collaboration between the ITC-ILO Employers’ Activities Programme, BusinessEurope, the IOE and the national employers’ confederations of Germany (BDA), Spain (CEOE), Belgium (FEB), France (MEDEF) and the Netherlands (VNO-NCW). The project was made possible through co-funding secured by the EU.


Throughout 2010, one-day workshops took place in Berlin, Brussels, the Hague, Paris and Madrid. They involved more than 100 participants from employers’ organizations, branch organizations and major European multinationals, covering a labour force of about six million workers.  The workshops focused on disseminating knowledge and practice on TCAs and provided an opportunity to identify and discuss key issues concerning the usefulness, importance and processes of such agreements.

The project’s closing event took place in Brussels on 15 December 2010. Many key players, such as the EU Commission and the international trade union movement, were represented.

A final publication, entitled “Key issues for management to consider with regard to TCAs – lessons learned from a series of workshops with and for management representatives” can be downloaded from here.


Participants in the workshops expressed their satisfaction at receiving up-to-date, high-quality information from different perspectives, including that of the international trade union movement.  They appreciated being able to discuss issues, opportunities and future developments in global industrial relations “among peers”.


The project specifically targeted employers, who, like employee representatives, are in constant need of clear and practical information and training concerning emerging issues in transnational employee relations.

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