The Turin Centre: a place of many possibilities

If you wish either to meet your individual learning needs by choosing from a huge range of topics, or to exchange views with leading practitioners, you should come to the ITC-ILO.

The 2010 Summer Academy on Sustainable Enterprise Development (www.itcilo.org/enterpriseacademy), a two-week intensive course on the fundamentals of enterprise development, with a focus on youth entrepreneurship, and a modular structure to meet individual learning needs, will take place from 21 June to 2 July.

Over the last 40 years, the ILO has gained considerable knowledge of tools and practical approaches to creating and sustaining enterprises of all sizes. The Centre has played a major role in this capacity-building process.

This year’s Academy will provide participants with an overview of existing tools and knowledge that will enable them to make an impact on enterprise development at both national and local level. It will provide a unique opportunity to study a range of topics under the guidance of leading enterprise development specialists from both within and outside the ILO. Facilitators will include leading ILO experts, renowned academics, partner UN organizations like UNIDO, and international consultants who specialize in entrepreneurship, value chains, enterprise restructuring, business development services, local development, creative industries, women’s entrepreneurship and more.

This year’s programme will focus on the role of youth entrepreneurship and on strategies for governments and donor agencies to create new jobs. The importance of entrepreneurship will be highlighted in plenary sessions, in parallel “learning tracks” and during an “open space”.

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