Tackling youth employment problems

Of almost 190 million unemployed worldwide, almost half are young people, even though they account for only some 20% of the active population.

When they do work, young people are more often than other categories of workers engaged in low-paid and precarious jobs. Most of them work in the informal sector, do not have any form of representation and are exposed to discrimination, exploitation and abuse. Yet young people are one of society's main assets, a powerful source of energy, creativity and innovation.

Neglecting to invest in young people not only increases their vulnerability but also undermines a country's productivity, and this might have serious political, economic and social consequences.

Youth policies have to be considered from a broad perspective that links education and health concerns to macro-economic policies, employment issues, social justice and democratic participation, and involves stakeholders such as governments, employers’ organizations, workers’ organizations, and education and vocational training institutions.

Against this background, from 7 to 16 July the Centre is running a training course here in Turin for 20 government officials, members of employers' and workers' organizations, staff of vocational training institutions and youth organizations from 15 countries. The course will reinforce and improve the quality and impact of national employment, labour market and training policies that deal with issues related to youth employment.

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