The Academy on Social Security, the ITCILO’s flagship annual event on Social Protection, has just started on campus

Attracting around 100 participants from all over the world, this event has become a key platform for the engagement of a diverse set of actors working for the provision and extension of social security systems for all.

As stated in the ILO's latest World Social Protection Report: “Social protection policies are vital elements of national development strategies to reduce poverty and vulnerability across the life cycle and support inclusive and sustainable growth by raising household incomes, fostering productivity and human development, boosting domestic demand, facilitating structural transformation of the economy and promoting decent work.”

Bringing together international experts from think tanks, academia, civil society and international organizations other than the ILO, the Social Security Academy stimulates debate and the sharing of knowledge concerning the main areas, current state and future of social protection.

The Academy aims to enhance the capacity of high-level national and international decision/policy-makers and practitioners in designing, implementing, supervising and evaluating  national social security schemes and policies. Right at the heart of the ILO’s mission, and the mandate of its International Training Centre, an event of this kind is an opportunity for mutual learning and exchange, as well as critical reflection on the latest developments, challenges and opportunities arising in the social security and protection field.


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