The Centre and the ILO celebrate 2018 International Women’s Day

The Centre has recently released its 2018-21 Gender and Diversity Action Plan, while the ILO joins the UN system in shining the spotlight on rural women.

The purpose of the newly released 2018-21 Gender and Diversity Action Plan of the Centre is to give full effect to the cross-cutting concern of the 2018-21 ITCILO Strategic Plan for the promotion of Gender Equality and Diversity.

“I am pleased to champion the GDAP”, commented the Director of the Centre, Mr Yanguo Liu, “and its implementation is the joint responsibility of all units of the Centre and I warmly invite my colleagues to take action!”

During his statement to mark the International Women’s Day, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, says that "rural women must not be overlooked in policy decisions. They are a group often overlooked despite their enormous contributions: they contribute significantly to agricultural production and food security, and to the management of natural resources. However, deep inequalities persist and they continue to be left behind."  

For the ILO DG statement on the subject, click on this link.

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