The Centre at the 21st World Congress for the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law (ISLSSL)

Mr Giuseppe Casale, Deputy Director of the Centre and Secretary-General of ISLSSL, will participate in this important event on 15 to 18 September 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa.

The 21st World Congress will provide a platform for stimulating discussion on labour and social security law in a global environment, where prolonged economic and social uncertainty appears to have become the norm. This is the first time the Congress is being held in Africa, organized by SASLAW, the South African Society for Labour Law.

The main themes of the Congress will be

  • Collective bargaining -and beyond?
  • Equality and ‘citizenship at work’ as conceptual foundations for labour law
  • Social security: Which way forward?" and
  • Labour law and development.


In the era of globalization, how can labour law continue serving the purpose of social justice? It needs to be part of the solution rather than being seen as a “barrier to growth”.  This raises conceptual and institutional challenges.  It means continuing to redefine the purpose of labour law that has unfolded in recent years, but also re-examining established structures and mechanisms, and their rules, to assess their viability, the possibility of adapting them or the need to replace them – and, if so -, with what?

These are not future challenges; they have been with us for some time, and their urgency becomes greater by the day. The Congress is meant to be a forum to carry the discussion forward.

This triennial international event anticipates the participation of 600 delegates.

For more information and registration, please consult: http://labourlawcongress2015.co.za/programme-program-islssl-21st-world-congress-2015-cape-town-south-africa


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