The Centre flies the Green Flag !

The Centre has been awarded the International Eco-Schools Award Certificate and Green Flag for its achievements in improving the campus environmental performance and in promoting a sustainable approach to learning.

The International Eco-Schools Award Certificate, awarded to the Centre on the 6th of February 2014, is the largest international programme for sustainable schools and is organized by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). Based on ISO14001:2004, it promotes environmental and sustainable developmental education for schools, universities and other educational and learning institutions.

The award of the Green Flag entails a 7-step process that the Centre started in 2011: establishing the Green Campus Advisory Group, undertaking an environmental review with external auditors, producing, monitoring and evaluating an action plan, reviewing the curriculum work to include environmental-related courses and activities, informing and involving staff, participants and service providers, and adopting an environmental code of conduct (the Policy Statement on the Environment).

For each step, a dedicated task force was set up and a ‘green lens’ applied to buildings, plant and infrastructure; guest rooms, canteen, restaurant and cafeteria; ICT services; staff mobility; waste management; green procurement; advocacy and awareness-raising.

In parallel with the FEE Award Scheme, the Centre has also been aligning with the Greening the Blue Initiative, a worldwide commitment towards a climate neutral and sustainable United Nations.

The award of the Green Flag is the result of a continuous effort to green the Centre at different levels, ranging from reducing the environmental impact of its facilities, to building a more sustainable learning approach through the design and implementation of new training activities.

With the emphasis placed on an inclusive and participatory approach, the Centre encourages staff, participants and all stakeholders to take an active role to ensure that we keep the Green Flag flying!

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