The Centre goes green: policy statement on the environment

The Centre has adopted a new policy statement on the environment. In pursuing its mandate and strategic plan, the Centre is committed to protecting the environment and affirming the principle of sustainability.

Sustainable practices will be integrated into the Centre’s overall operations in order to achieve lasting effects. To reaffirm its commitment to adopting environmentally sound measures in its workplace and practices with the aim of reducing the depletion of natural resources and preventing further damage to the environment, the Centre will endeavour to:

  • increase its energy efficiency and use of renewable energy;
  • operate and maintain sustainable buildings and equipment;
  • measure and reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from direct and indirect activities;
  • reduce water consumption and protect water sources;
  • reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste;
  • adopt sustainable travel and commuting practices;
  • implement sustainable procurement;
  • reflect green principles in its learning packages and methods;
  • reduce the environmental impact of its training activities, bearing in mind the interests of local communities.

In addition, the Centre will adhere to United Nations System guidelines on climate-neutral premises and operations, working together with the other agencies hosted on the campus. Respecting local environmental regulations, it will engage in relevant, constructive debates with donors, partners and suppliers. It will also raise awareness and encourage participation among staff and participants while reflecting environmental consciousness in its human resources development activities.

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