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Since 2015 the Centre has designed and delivered five Massive Open Online Courses for Development. If your organization is exploring the potential of MOOCs, you can benefit from the lessons learnt and get a better idea of the challenges ahead by consulting this online report.

As a MOOC provider, ITCILO is now supporting the Global Survey on the Quality of MOOCs, organized by the European Alliance MOOQ and led by the Open University of the Netherlands, which addresses three main target groups: MOOC learners, MOOC designers and MOOC facilitators.

"We will ensure that the next generation of MOOCs will meet better the personal goals and needs of the learners", says Christian M. Stracke, coordinator of the European MOOQ Alliance.

Based on the survey results, a Quality Reference Framework comprising quality indicators and tools for MOOCs will be developed and discussed in close collaboration with all interested stakeholders worldwide. Their contributions and evaluation will enable designers and facilitators to devise valuable instruments for improving future MOOCs for all learners.

The Global MOOC Survey is open until the end of March 2017 to allow feedback from all interested parties. All findings will then be published and shared online.

Are you a MOOC learner, designer or facilitator? Take the Survey now: www.survey.mooc-quality.eu.

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